Thoughts on Fall Trends

This post is a few days late because our internet has been out this week. 

Autumn is so beautiful.


Speaking of which, it’s already November and I have yet to do a fall fashion post. Well, there’s no time like the present, right? I’ve had a couple questions about what to wear this season so this post is going to consist of a variety of different trends and how to stay stylish this season.

Boots. Boots. Boots. Nothing new here, boots are definitely on trend for the colder months. Specifically, riding boots are still very popular and now booties (ankle-length boots) are being seen more and more. Personally, I love boots – both for their practicality (warmth and durability) as well as the sense of confidence they invoke in their wearer.

Short dresses. While not as practical as boots, if worn correctly short dresses can be worn long past summer. In order to do this they need to be worn with either black tights or leggings. I think skin-colored tights or hose should only be worn with shorter dresses or skirts that are clearly for cold weather – i.e. a wool pencil skirt or sweater dress. I make this distinction because a short, lightweight dress worn with skin-colored tights is going to look out-of-season in autumn. Pairing dark or neutral-colored lighter dresses with black tights or leggings will allow you to wear warmer-weather dresses well into fall (although I would suggest throwing a sweater over it!)

Fall? Floral? Yes. Believe it or not, floral prints are very much on trend for autumn 2014. Enlarged flowers on a black or jewel-toned background are quite popular on jackets, sweaters, dresses, and even jeans. The key to pulling off this trend successfully is to make sure the floral print is on a heavier fabric, such as wool or denim.

What to do with plaid. I believe that, while its popularity may ebb and flow from season to season, a classic plaid shirt will always be in style during the fall and winter months. So you know that plaid flannel button-down you have hanging in the back of your closet? You can pull it out for more than the annual barn dance. While you may not feel comfortable wearing plaid front and center, there are several ways it can be styled so that it’s not the main focal point of your outfit. For example, you could wear it under a chunky crew neck sweater for a pop of color. There are also lots more plaid options out there than just the traditional flannel button-downs – such as scarves, jacket and vest linings, and sheer blouses. One rule when it comes to plaid: keep it up top. With the exception of wool skirts and wool skirts alone, never wear plaid on the bottom. No plaid pants! Ever.

Oversized. By far, the over-arching (no pun intended) trend of this season is oversized tops. Oversized tops paired with skinny bottoms are very much in style during the cooler months. Personally, I love this style because of three reasons: 1) It looks good on just about anyone 2) It can be dressed up or down 3) It’s comfortable! For example, you could wear a loose tunic and leggings for a day spent at home while an oversized, belted sweater with colored jeans are suitable for the office – just two of many ways to wear this versatile trend.

That’s all for now on women’s fall trends – men’s fall trends are next!

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