If you’ve been to the mall in the past month you’ve probably noticed something a lot of the jeans-wearing mannequins have in common: cuffs! That’s right, cuffed jeans are back and stronger than ever for this fall (side note: this does NOT mean that popped collars are also back). What’s great about the cuffed trend is that, unlike in previous seasons, it’s not for hipsters or preps alone anymore. It’s widespread – when worn correctly, anyone can pull it off. What’s really wonderful about this trend is that it can take an existing, ho-hum outfit and turn it into something unique. I tried it last week with some red suede loafers and loved the result!


That being said, here are some simple dos and don’ts to keep you on trend and looking fabulous:

DO wear skinny jeans cuffed. This is the most popular way to wear cuffs.

DON’T wear cuffed jeans under tall boots. A bulging calf is not what we’re going for here.

DO wear cuffed jeans with short boots. Or loafers, tennis shoes, flats, etc. Really any casual shoe that doesn’t go above the ankle.

DON’T try to dress it up. This is a casual trend, and meant for jeans only. That means no dress pants, dress shoes, heels, etc.

DO wear your boyfriend jeans cuffed. They usually already come that way – that’s a hint that it’s how they’re supposed to be worn.

DON’T wear your bootcut jeans cuffed. This should be an easy one.

DO have fun with it! One cuff, two cuffs, three cuffs – it’s up to you!

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