The Chicago Fashion Industry


What U.S. cities come to mind when you think about fashion? That’s an easy question to answer – New York City and Los Angeles. Well, I’m going to challenge you to add a new city to that list: Chicago. The fashion industry of my new home city may often be overlooked, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Here’s a couple things Chicago fashion has to offer:

  • Up and coming designers. These talented people are the backbone of the city’s fashion industry and the reason for its bright future.
  • Fashion District. Although unofficial, the popular Division Street vicinity is the city’s hub for Chicago-based fashion. Here you can find not only shops selling local fashion, but also a variety of coffee shops, bars, and restaurants.
  • Fashion events. Hardly a weekend goes by where there isn’t a runway show, style preview, or fashion festival somewhere in this great city. For example, last month my husband and I attended the Chicago Fashion Fest – a collection of runway shows, live music, and booth displays from local designers and business owners on Division Street.


Now that you know about a few of the many things the Chicago Fashion Industry has to offer –  go check it out for yourself!

White: In or Out?

One of my memories from childhood is of my mom putting my white sandals away after I wore them to church for the last time on Labor Day weekend, year after year. “Don’t wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day”- that was a motto I lived and dressed by growing up. Even in college, when mid August rolled around, I would stand in front of my closet and do a quick inventory of the white clothes I still wanted to wear before it was “too late”. However, fashion rules change – and the ushering in of fall 2014 includes the introduction of white as not only an acceptable, but also a fashionable color to wear. This bold new trend is made even more appealing by the fact that you don’t need to go shop for a whole wardrobe for fall – instead, you can get more use out of some of your summer favorites!


Keep in mind that, like any other trend, it needs to be worn the right way and in the right amount. Here are a few tips to get you started:


1. Don’t overdue it. Just because white is acceptable now for autumn attire doesn’t mean you should wear it every day. Conservatively sprinkle it throughout your wardrobe – avoid wearing it more than a couple times a week.


2. Know what to pair with it. This is so very important in order to pull off the new white trend successfully. Heavier textured fabrics in the form of sweaters and and blazers as well as dark, muted colors provide not only a nice contrast to the white, but also create a look that is more suited to autumn instead of summer.


3. Be confident. Don’t walk in to the office and ask your coworkers if they think your white pants are still in season or not – because it’s not up to them! The key to wearing any new trend well is to be confident in what you’re wearing. Second-guessing yourself will only lead to failure.


4. It’s a trend, not a rule. Are you uncomfortable wearing white that late in the year? Then it’s simple: don’t wear it. Fashion trends come and go frequently, and through it all the most important thing is that you stay true to your own sense of style.






What You Should Know About Fashion Week

2 days left until the 2014 Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week kicks off! It’s early September – the time of the year when the eyes of the fashion world turn to New York City to see top designers debut their new Spring 2015 lines. Here are a couple tips so that you can soak up the most about this year’s fashion week:


1. Not a NYC resident? Not a problem. You can go to for live streaming of the event. 


2. has all the information you could ever need about fashion week. The website has the week’s schedule (keep in mind all times are EST), list of designers, photo gallery, as well as information about other upcoming fashion weeks across the world.


3. No matter how many designers you know or how much you watch, be inspired! Inspiration, after all, really is the goal of fashion week. Some of these designs, in one form or another, are eventually going to end up in a mall near you- so sit back, enjoy, and be inspired!