Amazon Finds: July 2020

Yikes, how has it been already three weeks since my last post?! This summer is truly flying by and I’m pretty sad about it because if you know me you know that I love summer.


Anyways, today I’m starting a new (hopefully!) monthly series: my favorite Amazon finds! Which, let’s be real, is basically an excuse for me to online window shop, since Amazon has just about everything. 🙂


My inspiration for this comes from the fact that I’ve been seeing more and more bloggers post about clothing and accessories from Amazon – there truly is so much available on there now! I’ve bought my fair share of clothing and accessories on there and have been happy with everything that I’ve gotten thus far. Here’s what I’m loving on Amazon this month:

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 2.59.43 PM

$14 Mini Hoops – yellow gold is back!




Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 5.37.57 PM

$20 Compression Shorts – bike shorts but cuter




Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 5.44.14 PM

$16 Workout Tank – can wear tied or open




Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 5.48.47 PM

$12 Workout Tank – this one ties in front




Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 5.52.27 PM

$12 Baby Romper – I love ribbed baby clothes!




Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 5.56.03 PM

$15 Two Piece Set – also adorable and ribbed




Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 1.57.16 PM

$13 Baby Nose Cleaner – my SIL gave me one of these and yes it’s gross but it WORKS!




Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 1.58.35 PM

$17 Clean Mascara – lash and primer in one, I’ve heard great things about this!




Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 2.00.54 PM

$8 Gua Sha – these are so popular right now




Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 2.03.58 PM

$8 visor – This is a steal! I have this in black and love that it’s machine washable





Baby Boy Nursery Reveal

Hello, I’m back! Well, sort of. 😉 We shall see how much I’m able to actually blog in the next couple months as I adjust to caring for two little ones. It’s so busy, but so good.


Today I’m sharing photos of our baby boy’s nursery! I’m thrilled with how it turned out.



Previously, this room was a rarely-used second guest room. It was the only bedroom in the house we hadn’t yet painted, and it needed that and more! Not only did we paint all the walls and the trim, we also ripped out the carpet (it reeked) and replaced it with new carpet. So much better and so much brighter.




My vision for this room was pretty much anything but your typical boy nursery. I wanted something more modern, less boy-ish, and something that could grow with him and potentially be used for multiple children too down the road. Enter: white walls, with black and gold accents.


I didn’t want all of the walls to be white, however. I created an accent wall by painting an abstract black and gold pattern on it – a grounding visual centerpiece for the room without being overwhelming as it’s still very minimalist.


After painting and carpet the rest of the room came together quickly. The furniture was easy to figure out – some new, some handed down from his big sister – and my husband designed handles for the dresser/changing table for it to look like a toolbox. Like father, like son. 🙂


Overall I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Light, airy, and happy. Perfect for our sweet little guy!


Signing Off For A Bit

Today is my last post for the next couple months as I begin my maternity leave – round two! 🙂

As I look back at photos of our daughter as a newborn part of me feels a little overwhelmed at the prospect of caring for a newborn again and now WITH a toddler as well, but mostly I am excited and deeply thankful. Do I really get to do this again?! It feels too good to be true.

When I come back I’ll share the full details of our nursery for baby #2, but for now enjoy the sneak preview below or feel free to reference back to our first Lilly Pulitzer-inspired girls nursery. Here’s to a happy, and healthy, spring.

Currently Loving: Loungewear

If you were to ask me the last time I wore jeans, I could not give you an answer. Honestly. It’s been that long, and with this quarantine from the COVID-19 pandemic stretching well over a month, there’s really not much of a point in wearing them when you’re staying home all the time, if you ask me! It’s a good thing one of the top trends for spring this year (as noted in my trend guide) is sweat suits aka loungewear. So you can me trendy, comfy, and practical for all those days at home! Here are a few sets that I’m loving:





Spring 2020 Mini Trend Guide

Once again, I’m calling it “better late than never” as I hit “publish” on my spring 2020 mini trend guide today, and it’s already been spring for a week. However, if you live in the midwest like I do, you probably have had very little spring-like weather yet (except for today, it’s gorgeous outside!), so chances are, you haven’t even worn your new spring clothes even if you already went shopping for them! Another minor detail is that we’re all on quarantine and everything is cancelled thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, so there’s truly no point in dressing up right now. But it’s going to change someday, right?! And when that day comes, you can be prepared thanks to an online shopping spree. 😉


Here are the top eight trends I’m seeing for spring (and summer) this year. If I could summarize spring 2020 trends, I’d call them “Feminine Comfort.” Because that’s what these styles are all about – looking like a lady and feeling comfortable while doing it! And FYI, as always, each photo is a link if you want to shop that exact style. So take your mind off the pandemic and enjoy some contactless online shopping!


-Tiered Dresses/Skirts – flowing and flattering




-Midi Skirts – back again this year, and just as chic as ever


-Florals, Florals, Florals – doesn’t get more feminine than this 


-Paperbag Shorts – so flattering, but let’s be real, we won’t be wearing these till summer 


-Sweat Sets – literally all we’re wearing right now anyways!



-Lounge Pants – comfort but not overly casual 


-Hoop Earrings – my favorite way to wear is with a ponytail or bun to show them off



-Slides – as easy to wear as flip flops but nicer! 

Spring Style Watch: Cardigans

Well, I blinked and three weeks have passed since I published a new post. Whoops. Spring officially starts next week and I haven’t shared any spring content yet! Today I’m going to change that, starting with the biggest spring trend I’ve seen thus far that’s also perfect for all of the transitional weather between winter and spring: cardigans.


Mr. Rogers would be so proud of this trend, am I right? Maybe you’re a fan, or maybe you think there’s nothing cute or special about wearing a fully-buttoned cardigan (because that is how the look is supposed to be worn). Well, it all depends on how you style it! Here are a few of my favorites. Notice that none of them are crewneck – while they may be similar to Mr. Rogers’ sweaters, they are not your grandma’s sweaters.

Bought this exact one because of the gorgeous color the other week and it rang up for less than $4! Don’t ask me how.


Thicker and cozy but still appropriate for spring.


The price is crazy on this but the color is gorgeous!


Another lovely color!


Subtle and feminine.




DISCLAIMER: You will definitely not see me, at least not for the first part of this spring, wearing this trend! Not a good look when you’re pregnant. 😉